Whether you operate a fleet of compressed natural gas vehicles or a mixed fueled fleet, PetroCard and Clean N’ Green can help you manage your fuel purchases.

Our fleet program allows you to track your fuel purchases, capture detailed transactions for reporting, offers competitive pricing and reduced paperwork.  You’ll save time, money and be able to manage your fuel program more effectively.

  • Clean N‘ Green: If you are a local company with a close radius around one of our Clean N’ Green stations, we have a card option that’s perfect for you.  Our Clean N’ Green card will help you manage your compressed natural gas purchases.  Our stations are open 24/7/365*, well-lit and have security cameras to prevent theft.
  • Wright Express: While our Clean N’ Green stations are rapidly opening throughout the U.S., we still might not have a location near you however you still might need a solution to manage your fuel purchase.  Most of our competitor compressed natural gas stations accept the Wright Express card as well as 90% of all retail facilities in the U.S. if you still have diesel or gasoline vehicles.  This card can track it all your fuel purchases on one invoice!

Download our Application, fill out it and send it back to us.  Unfortunately at this time, we only offer our fleet cards to companies with a valid business license.

*Wheeling, IL & Santa Maria have time and card restrictions.  Please contact us in regards to these locations.